Execution of Main Channel Extension Projects at Al-Aqiq Quarter

The Project belongs to Riyadh Municipality. Whereas the purpose of this project was to drain rainwater flood in Riyadh City by using big channels to avoid its accumulation on streets and to exploit in the future by constructing on streets and to exploit in the future by constructing water reservoirs to benefit from this practicability waste irrigation or its filtration for better uses. The scope of work resumed to support the infrastructure services by constructing a box culvert channel on variant streets ways passing through both Al-Aqiq Quarter and Al-Malga. The work comprise excavation of a box culvert of two and half meter in depth on both ways of the street follows by casting the floor and flat reinforced concrete walls supported by poles in between in addition to infusion of channel ceiling with reinforced concrete as well as the required specifications under supervision of approved consultant nominated by the project owner. The channel can be connected to the future necessary lines with all needed fittings in addition of the water catch basing, maintenance openings and insulation works with bitumen layers for the entire

(General Directorate Building Ministry Of Rural and Villages (Riyadh Region

The company has also wide experiences in building construction field; it has executed many projects such as villas, palaces and offices in various area within Riyadh City. The General Directorate Headquarter building is one of the major projects completed by the company which includes several hundreds of offices, extensive conference room, halls, and vehicles parking lots. and It is virtually and wonderful architectural masterpiece encompassed by
trees all around it.

Aseer Area Dams

Although these dams are situated in a very rough inaccessible areas and rocky roads, the company had accepted the challenge and undertakes it to finish the project using the latest concrete equipments and new templates. This project is one of the most vital projects to preserve storm water volume, and placing a considerable impact upon feeding the underground water sources in the south areas. The project belong to ministry of agriculture now ministry of water and electricity.

Rimma Valley Dam in Al Qaseem

Another vital activity the company has embarked since its establishment is Dams construction field. Therefore, it has executed a number of Dam’s projects in the kingdom, therefore the company has been awarded and qualified as First contracting Category in respect to dam construction field. Rimma Valley project is categorized as one of the most significant projects in Qaseem area, designed to feed the underground water storm, water resources (underneath, water table level. The project belong to Ministry of Agriculture now (ministry of water & electricity.