Execution of Floods Drainage Project East of Riyadh ( 2nd Part ) Al Gezera Housing Cannal

The work comprise excavation of a box culvert of two and half meter in depth on both ways of the street follows by casting the floor and flat reinforced concrete walls supported by poles in between in addition to infusion of channel ceiling with reinforced concrete as well as the required specifications under supervision of approved consultant nominated by the project owner. The channel can be connected to the future necessary lines with all needed fittings in addition of the water catch basing, maintenance openings and insulation works with bitumen layers for the entire channel, then backfilling the whole trenches. The project’s work completed upon re-asphalting the street, and pavements works in purpose to reinstate to the original condition, then connecting this channel to the channel passing through North East of Riyadh which ends at Khashem Al-Aan Area East of Riyadh where the rainwater flows.