Moving the main water lines Dia. (800-1200-1600 mm) crossing a national citizen›s land Project in Al-Naseem District

The project is to carry out of moving the main water lines and execution of its necessary
chambers with different diameters and lengths, including the following works:
1 – Execution of ductile water line dia.1600 mm – length 530 m
2 – Execution of ductile water line dia.1200 mm – length 42 m

3 – Execution of ductile water line dia. 800 mm – length 60 m
Chambers & Valves
1- Air chamber dia. 1600 mm
2- Wash chamber dia. 1600 mm
3- Gate valve chamber dia. 1600 mm
4- Gate valve chamber dia. 1200 mm
5- Gate valve chamber dia. 800 mm

Replacement of water networks in some villages Project in AlMajma›ah Province

Replacement the existing water lines with main and sub-main water lines, and new house connections in Hotat Sudair, Tameer, Majma’ah and Harmah.
Main lines dia. 300 mm – 400 mm – 600 mm with a total length of 6000 m.
Sub-lines dia. 140 mm – 160 mm with a total length of 54000 m.
House connections with newly water meters No. 1300 water meters.
Fire extinguishers on main streets No. 30 fire extinguishers in addition to its plug fittings for various valves diameters.

Execution of the expansion and extension of open flow›s channel in Taiba district and execution of the flow›s watercourse bridge Project in Al Imam Muslim Road South of Riyadh

The project belongs to Riyadh Municipality it has been awarded to AlNimal Holding Company. It’s one the most important projects in south of Riyadh City according to the terms, specifications and its drawings which gives an aesthetic image of the upside channel’s view with a perfect protection precaution taken such as precast concrete barriers and barbed wire in addition to the execution of flood watercourse bridges with reinforced concrete. The project includes excavations works of an open channel with a 4 to 20 meters height in

the mountainous areas and 28 m wide from the bottom of the canal as well as the following excavation details :

• Rocky soil excavations is 564,610 m3.

• Normal soil excavations is 1,000,000 m3.

• Lining the channel surface with large stones weighing at least 50 kg and 50 cm thickness, in a total area of 360,000 m3.

• Placement of 4 descending Bowed with large stones to reduce the water current’s speed.

• Construction of 3 big watercourse bridges on main Roads.

• Construction of a small watercourse bridge connecting between agricultural lands.

Construction of main channels and sub- flood drainage networks in Al-Nour district Project in Riyadh city

The project is to carry out of rainwater flow in AlSulay district east of Riyadh and includes the following :

1 – Construction of concrete box Calvert with a total length of 15000 m with various channel slots number starting from 1 to 6 slots.

2 – Main lines with various diameter between 300 mm and 2000 mm with total length of 44,900 m.

3 – 1500 inspection chambers and flows catch basing.

Replacing of Water Main Lines in Different Areas Projects and for Wells Water Transmission Project ( Riyadh )

As These projects were assigned to AlNimal company by water and sewerage system authority now called (national water company) according to the complete B.O.Q study. In addition to the materials and equipments fleet owns by the company, experienced and qualified staff and financial abilities to cover all requirements of such big projects.
The company has the experience in managing such big projects to maintain the accuracy and supervising all the projects stages by providing all sites with safety’s instruments to ensure traffic solutions coordinating its steps with the competent authorities before commencement of trenches excavations and using the latest methods during replacement of old valves to avoid discontinuance of water supply to citizens follows by replacements of old pipes stage and reinstatements to the original situation under approved consultant nominated by the project’s owner.

( Execution of Main Sewer Lines Project East of Riyadh ( 41 A

The project belongs to General Directorate of Water in Riyadh (Previously called Water and Sewerage System Authority) whereas the project contract was signed by Authority’s Chairman of Board HRH Prince Salman bin AbdulAziz Al Saud. The work in this vital project includes execution of 50 kms sewer lines with different diameters starting from 400mm up to 2400mm and number of 363 manholes with necessary fittings. The project’s work end at
the New Water Treatment Station located beside hait exit on Al Kharj Road which is 35 Km far from Riyadh city passing Khashem Al-Aan Area.